Is credit repair considered legal?
Yes. The Fair Credit Reporting Act was created to allow consumers to review their credit reports and dispute or challenge incorrect information. This happens every day. Even small mistakes can change your credit report in a bad way. It's your right to know exactly what these errors are and to have the opportunity to change or remove them! Personal Credit Repair Software makes it as easy as point-and-click!

​​​What is my credit report? How is it used?

Your credit report is the record of your installment loan payment history, as reported by your past and current creditors. Banks, Credit Unions and other lenders use the information on your Credit Report to determine if you are a good risk for additional loans.

​​​In what ways may I establish good credit?

Establishing good credit does not happen overnight (unless you know the loopholes). You need to take steps. One way to rapidly obtain good credit is to obtain a department store credit card. Get a few of these, purchase some small items, and pay them off in a timely fashion. There is one "trick," however, which can instantly add years of good credit to your history and help you obtain a major boost to your credit score at the same time! You will learn this "trick" with your copy of Personal Credit Repair Software!

​​​How long does adverse information reside on my report?

It depends on the situation. For example, with chapter seven and eleven bankruptcies, they stay for ten years. Dismissed or discharged chapter thirteen bankruptcies stay for seven years. Unpaid tax liens stay there for fifteen years. Pretty much anything else stays for seven years. You can delete these things in 30 days, YES! 30 days, with Personal Credit Restoration Software!

​​​Is it possible to improve my credit as opposed to having adverse information disappear?

Yes. You will learn lots of "tricks" to boost your credit even without deleting any items when you get Personal Credit Restoration Software!

​​​Will my credit improve if old debts are paid?

If handled properly, yes, it is possible. However, if done incorrectly, things can get worse. For instance, your report will show that you paid the debt, but it will say that you were late! It is possible, however, to avoid this conflict altogether, and even pay less than owed. You owe it to yourself to learn and know the facts before you make a big mistake! Get Personal Credit Restoration Software!

​​​What information does my credit report store?

Your credit report contains information such as your credit history, public payment history, and credit inquiry history. There is a way to get the three main credit reports for FREE. Know how using Personal Credit Repair Software!

​​​What does bankruptcy mean, credit wise?

Bankruptcy is considered a last resort, and for good reason. Bankruptcy can ultimately affect your credit in a negative or positive way. However, a lot of adverse information is stored after bankruptcy on your report. Bankruptcy has bad influences long-term, and some creditors can find out about your bankruptcy. Fortunately, there are always better alternatives to this filing. For instance, you can end up paying less than you owe, and eventually eliminate the need for filing bankruptcy. But even some bankruptcies can be deleted and you will learn how using Personal Credit Repair Software!

​​​Can bankruptcies or tax liens be dismissed from my credit report?

Yes. These items can be harder to remove than some other items, but it can be done. Learn how in Personal Credit Reestoration Software!

​​​Is it possible to remove negative information that is accurate?

Yes and you will learn how. However, the purpose of Personal Credit Restoration Software is to help you delete inaccurate information.

​​​How much time does it take to improve credit?

Situations vary. However, all of our customers see positive results within 30 days of using Personal Credit Restoration Software!

​​​Who decides whether I can have credit or not?

Creditors and lenders decide. They base their decision on your Credit History scores in the Credit Bureaus.

​​​Are 100-word statements useful?

Of course, but they must be used properly. Learn exactly how to do it in Personal Credit Restoration 

​​​Does good credit counterbalance bad credit?

Yes and No. Obviously, the more good credit you have, the better your score. However, you still need to delete your negative credit reporting if you want to have excellent credit . Do it with Personal Credit Restoration Software!

​​​Can employers review my credit file?

It is possible for potential employers to do so. However, the information accessed is a customized credit report that removes account numbers. This is for your privacy and protection. Before they access the information, they need a signed consent form that you must sign.

​​​How long does it take for challenged items to be resolved?

30 days. The FCRA obligates credit bureaus to finish their investigation and notify you within this timeframe.

​​​Is there a fee for challenging information on my credit report?

No. They can NOT charge for investigations or removing incorrect information. Personal Credit Restoration Software provides you with a Knowledge Database so you know your rights and when and how to use them.

​​​Will this credit file program work if I reside in, for instance, the United Kingdom or Canada?

Yes! The software works if there are credit bureaus in your country but you will need to adapt the templates (the letters) to work for another country.

​​​How is it possible to repair credit?

​This software program, Personal Credit Restoration Software, guides you, step-by-step, through the full and unlimited exercise of your rights under federal laws to repair your credit. Remember that everything is handled by the software, so your "work" is greatly enhanced and reduced. Many of your rights pertain to the Fair Credit Reporting Act, a.k.a. FCRA. The FCRA passed congress in 1970 to protect the American consumers rights regarding their credit. Personal Credit Repair Software contains information about changes to the FCRA, and the legal form that requires and obligates the credit bureaus to honor your request to remove adverse or unverifiable information from your credit report.

​What is the Fair Credit Reporting Act in a nutshell?

The FCRA states: "If a consumers personal credit information is incomplete, inaccurate, or cannot be verified by the creditor in a specified time period after written request from the consumer, the credit reporting agency or bureau shall promptly remove and delete such information as requested, and only by the consumer." This is an important part of the FCRA.

​​​Must adverse information stay for seven years on my credit report?

The FCRA does not deal with late payments, rejections, and inquiries, which can be dismissed in far less time than seven years. However, the consumer must request this change. Personal Credit Repair Software takes care of this.

​​​Can you remove adverse information from credit reports?

There are many times when credit reporting agencies or creditors do NOT follow all proper guidelines and procedures. Credit reporting agencies are then required to delete this credit report information upon request. Your copy of Personal Credit Repair Software makes this process fast and easy!

​​​How long before adverse information is deleted from my credit report?

Most people see positive results in their personal credit report in 30 to 45 days. The credit reporting agency will send you an updated copy of the changes. This service is free of charge. Even the first Credit Report can be obtained for FREE Know how with Personal Credit Repair Software!

​​​Does negative information have the potential of coming back after being wiped out?

​​It is highly unlikely, but there are two ways. One is if you include a debt in a bankruptcy after it was already removed from your credit report. Or, if you are currently paying a bill and it becomes past due after you once had it removed from your credit report. Don't do it! Do NOT allow this to happen! Your Credit Report has changed, so you must change too!

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