After extensive discussion at the Board of Directors we have decided to throw in a huge FREE BONUS for customers that order The Personal Credit Software. These bonuses are not only to increase your knowledge in different areas but also to give you some working alternatives. Maybe you will find your real passion in life and with your new "golden credit" you will fulfill all your dreams.

As a Bonus you will receive :

1. Credit Repair Strategies Revealed

Are you falling off in Debt? Stuck in a bad Credit? Undergoing much hassle with those hard & frequent Credit Calls? ... Or maybe you are just now experiencing hard time to secure any loans for yourself? - Then this may be the most important letter you'll ever read for today... "Discover The Insider Secret Manual That Allows You to Repair Credit score, Enjoy Your Freedom To Get Approved On Any...


2. How To Buy A Car With Little Or No Credit

"Think you can't get a car because you have no credit? You need to read this report today!" ...


​​​​3. Credit Cards The Lowdown

1. Introduction
2. Increase Your Credit Limit
3. You And The Credit Card
4. Business And Credit Cards
5. Apply For A Credit Card Easily
6. Get The Right Credit Score
7. Accepting Credit Cards on your Website
8. Protect Yourself Against Identity Theft
9. Beware of Pay Day Loans
10. Consolidating Your Credit Card Debt
11. Get Out Of Debt - Fast!

4. 101 Powerful Tips for Legally Improving Your Credit Score

The Secret Of Boosting Your Credit Rating - Finally Revealed! Who Else Wants To Boost Their Credit Score To Repair Financial Damage Constantly Hanging Over Your Head? They're smiling but they don't trust you. A polite nod here, a chuckle there. Meanwhile they're anxiously waiting for your credit report. You know it hurt your chances of getting the loan when you had to admit to some small...


​​​​​​​​5. 101 Credit Repair Tips

101 WAYS TO DECREASE YOUR DEBT AND INCREASE YOUR CREDIT 1. Pay your bills first: It's important to put the money aside to pay your bills as soon as you get paid. That way you will be sure to have enough money to pay them. Don't go out and buy things, not even groceries until you've put the money aside for your bills. Most of your day to day expenses are likely to have some flexibility in them,..

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